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Meat & Protein Kit

Dear Patriot,

The bigger our community gets the more I feel like we’re becoming one big family with a single purpose.

And that purpose is…


We all know we’re living in a time of great uncertainty. And not even the best of us know exactly what might happen in the future, near or far.

Most of us have never faced a real crisis in our modern times, or not one that’s threatened the very fabric of our society.

We’ve seen wars, civil unrest, recessions and even riots and looting in recent memory. But you only need to take a glance at the current state of this country to realize we could be headed for an unprecedented time of turmoil.

The Lessons of the Past Teach us That Being Ready For Anything Is Critically Important

Food4Patriots 1 Year Kit

I remember hearing my momma talk about growing up in a very different time.

You see, both of my parents were alive during the Great Depression.

Things were much, much different back then.

You didn’t always know where your next meal was coming from or whether there would be enough to go around.

And you never (ever) let anything go to waste if you could help it.

Food4Patriots 1 Year Kit

I look around and see an entire generation of kids out there who couldn’t change a light bulb to save their lives and then think about all the stories I used to hear about my parents…

Back in those days from a very early age you had to figure out how to become self-sufficient.

My dad didn’t even graduate from high school until he was 21 because he had to work to help support his family. (But he was determined to get that diploma!)

Back Then, People Knew the Value of the Staples They Needed to Survive…

You couldn’t just pop over to the local “big box” store and get whatever you wanted whenever you want it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

People routinely kept stockpiles of foods they knew would keep for the long term, and they supplemented their food supply with their own gardens – just take a look at this great picture of my dad and his buddies ready for whatever was coming their way.

Food4Patriots 1 Year Kit

Why am I telling you this?

Because here at 4Patriots we get a lot of requests, and over the past year more and more people are asking us for a “one stop solution” for ALL their survival needs.

All it takes is a quick search on the internet to see that while there are other packages touting themselves as a “complete” survival solution… they’re woefully unprepared for a real-world emergency.

Most focus only on food and water while neglecting the numerous other things you’ll actually need to weather a long-term crisis.

Some even neglect a clean water source, which can leave you sick, or even dead in a crisis situation!

And others only have a limited supply of each item…

That’s shortsighted thinking if you ask me.

I looked everywhere I could think of and couldn’t find a single source to get everything you need to protect your family for the long term.

So I Took Matters Into My Own Hands To Give You What You’ve Been Asking For

Like I said at the very beginning, we’re living in a time of great uncertainty and you can’t leave the fate of your family and their well-being to chance.

If you’re a part of our community here at 4Patriots, you’re already among some of the most informed and best prepared people on the planet.

And a lot of folks start slowly and grow their survival stockpiles over time, and that’s great… if you have a clear view of what the future might hold.

Food4Patriots 1 Year Kit

But the problem is, with our government in chaos (and Democrats and Republicans alike trying their best to derail our new President) nobody can see exactly what’s on the horizon.

Add the influences of big money and foreign interference, and even the very best fortune-teller on the planet doesn’t have a clear vision.

I told my team about my concerns, and they’ve put together about the best possible solution for anyone who wants to be FULLY prepared.

Introducing “The Big Kahuna” –The Patriot Platinum Survival Package

Meat & Protein Kit

Around the office they call this breakthrough kit “The Big Kahuna” but you can call it the Patriot Platinum Survival Package. And when I tell you it’s got everything you need to make it in a crisis, I do mean EVERYTHING.

This amazing package is unlike any on the market and covers you from soup-to-nuts… literally!

You get it all – the things you must have in a crisis, food… water… power… and even air that’s cleaned of toxins and chemicals. The Patriot Platinum Survival Package has you 100% covered.

You’re Probably Wondering... What's Included?

The Patriot Platinum Survival Package is the most comprehensive survival package we’ve ever created. If you need it in a crisis, it’s in there.

First things first… you’re gonna need food rated for long-term storage.

Inside the Patriot Platinum Survival Package you’ll find a FULL stockpile of our guaranteed 25-year shelf life survival food (With one exception of the scrambled eggs with a guaranteed 10-year shelf life) – in fact you’re going to get over 2,700 FULL servings of every kind of survival food we have. We’ve never bundled all these things together in one place, until now!

Our survival food line is the very best on the market today and inside the Patriot Platinum Survival Package you’ll get a taste of all of it.

In our biggest and most comprehensive kit ever you’ll get:

1-Year Survival
Food Kit

Food4Patriots 1 Year Kit
  • A deluxe 1-year supply (1800 servings!) of our #1 top-rated survival food, complete with our 25 year “freshness guarantee.” This is our biggest, best kit and it was a complete no brainier to include it in “The Big Kahuna.”

Food4Patriots Fruit, Veggie and Snack Mix

Food4Patriots 1 Year Kit

114 servings of our popular Fruit, Veggie and Snack Mix – a fantastic supplement to your main food supply! Keep hunger at bay and make sure your body has the critical nutrients it needs to perform at its best. Plus, never worry about tapping your main food supply just for a quick pick me up or snack!

Food4Patriots Meat & Protein Kit

Food4Patriots 1 Year Kit
  • Our “market first” Meat & Protein Kit – You’ll get 80 full servings of this cutting-edge kit. Most survival food kits skip the protein entirely because it’s difficult to store properly… we’ve got that covered.

Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit

Food4Patriots 1 Year Kit
  • Survival Coffee Kit - 600 servings. Coffee can be crucial not only for the sense of well-being you get from drinking it, but also from its value as a barter item. Having a full supply of coffee on hand is crucial to your stockpile!

Food4Patriots Breakfast Kit

Food4Patriots 1 Year Kit
  • Mmm – Breakfast. You’ll also get a full 138 servings of our hearty breakfast kit. Grandma was right, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day… especially in a crisis or emergency. Sitting down to a “family breakfast” is one of the best ways to stay normal and healthy in any situation.

If I just stopped there, you’d be well outfitted to survive a crisis, but I told you the Patriot Platinum Survival Package is the COMPLETE solution, so hang on to your hat… it just gets better from here.

Because food may be the least of your worries, especially if you don’t have a source of clean reliable power to keep you safe and warm when the lights go out.

You’re Also Going to Need a Reliable, Portable and Efficient Supply of Electricity in a Blackout

A crisis can come in many forms. And with our crumbling energy infrastructure… a power crisis could hit sooner than later. That’s why in every Patriot Platinum Survival Package you’ll get our revolutionary solar generator…

The Patriot Power Generator 1500

Meat & Protein Kit

This portable powerhouse is one of our very best-selling products ever and it routinely sells out. People love the convenience, portability and safety this generator brings to the table.

Its state of the art lithium-iron phosphate battery is on the cutting edge of the industry. It’s designed for a lifetime of recycling and you never have to worry about it overheating and causing a fire or other hazard.

It charges quickly via the 100-watt super durable solar panel and holds a charge for up to 12 full months! (with only a 20% “leak” in power—max!) You can try to find another generator that packs this much punch into such a compact and lightweight unit, but good luck finding it.

It’s lightweight, portable and doesn’t use an ounce of gas. In fact, this is the ONLY generator of its kind you can put in the corner of your bedroom and sleep like a baby knowing there are no dangerous fumes sneaking out and threatening your safety.

Not only that, in the Patriot Platinum Survival Package, I’m going to go ahead and give you the…

Patriot Power Generator Platinum Upgrade

Meat & Protein Kit

The Platinum Package Upgrade includes a second 100-watt solar panel, for even quicker charging. Plus, our deluxe military-grade EMP bag protects your valuable electronics in case of an EMP attack, lightning strike or solar flare (complete with an amazing hard shell case to provide additional rigidity and protection for breakable items, plus a soft shell storage case to store and protect your laptop or tablet).

And I’ll even add in a 3-year extended warranty to make absolutely certain you’re completely covered with VIP service.

And that’s not all you’ll get…

Food, Power… And Next You’ll Get a Fresh, Pure Source of… Clean Water!

Food and power are vitally important, no doubt. But you’ll also need to know for a fact you have a clean, reliable source of fresh water. To drink, cook with, and bathe with.

Without it, having a great stockpile of food won’t do you any good at all. Because WATER can make or break your survival plan… in just days.

So to make sure you have the best possible source of clean water… I’ve included one of our most popular products to date…

Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

Meat & Protein Kit

This gem of modern technology takes water from almost ANY source… lake, stream, puddle, (toilet!!) and removes up to 99.9999% of ALL chemicals, toxins, bacteria and more.

It uses exactly zero electricity, has no moving parts and sits quietly on your countertop processing all the water your family needs.

With water emergencies already popping up all over the country (Flint, Brooklyn) – many of our customers use the Alexapure Pro every day to protect themselves and their family.

And a recent investigation by the Guardian revealed that over the last decade 33 major U.S. cities have routinely “cheated” to hide actual levels of dangerous chemicals and lead in their water supplies.

So in my opinion – and again, many of our customers feel this way, too – the Alexapure Pro should already be in use in your home.

Now it will be.

Most Would Call THAT a Full Survival Package, But If You Ask Me…

I’ve got several other things that you’re not going to want to go without, crisis or not.

I want the Patriot Platinum Survival Package to be unrivaled on the market (at any cost) so in addition to everything I’ve just told you I’m also adding the…

Alexapure Breeze Air Purification System

Meat & Protein Kit

No matter how clean you think your house is… odds are that you’re being bombarded daily with thousands of chemicals and toxins that could easily be bad for your health. And according to the EPA pollution levels inside your home may be up 100 times higher than outdoors!

The Alexapure Breeze is a tiny little device developed by the exact same people that created the Alexapure Pro.

It’s one of the most powerful air purification devices on the planet thanks to its patented 4-Stage Purification System technology. It cleans your indoor air of up to 99.97% of contaminants down to .3 microns (that’s super, super small folks)! And best of all it’s so quiet you can’t hear it running.

At just 11.5 pounds it’s discreet and completely portable.

And it keeps your family safe from toxic mold, dangerous chemicals and even “volatile organic compounds” that can affect your respiratory system.

You’ll breathe easier every night knowing that the air in your room is the purest it can be.

We Hand Selected Everything in This Amazing Package
- So You Don’t
Have to!

Listen, I want you to understand that the team and I here at 4Patriots didn’t just wake up one day and decide to throw a bunch of things in a big ol’ box and send it out to people.

Not by a long shot.

We’ve spent months researching other companies, coming to the realization that there’s NO other comprehensive package like this one on the market… and then carefully planning exactly which of our TOP products were a good fit.

I think we’ve curated the very best package of this kind anywhere, anytime, and it’s all in one place just for you.

By now you’re probably wondering…

How Much Does Complete Peace of Mind Cost?

So let’s recap what we’ve got in the Patriot Platinum Survival Package…

2,732 Servings Of Our Best Selling Survival Food - You get it all, a smorgasbord including a 1-year kit, our popular Breakfast Kit, Meat & Protein Kit, Fruit, Veggie and Snack Mix and even Survival Coffee.

All fully guaranteed for 25 years on the shelf and valued at over $3,600.00 (With one exception of the scrambled eggs with a guaranteed 10-year shelf life).

The Ultimate In Water Filtration – The Alexapure Pro takes on the heavy lifting and removes up to 99.9999% of all toxins, chemicals, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals from your water supply. And gives you safe, pure water.

Retail price - $297.00

Lights And Electricity When The Power Goes Out - With the Patriot Power Generator 1500 you never have to be afraid of the dark. Keep the lights on and vital batteries for your electronics charged and ready to go in case of an emergency.

Plus, the Patriot Power Generator 1500 Platinum Upgrade includes our military grade EMP bag and an extra 100-watt solar panel, so you can double your power, charge in half the time, and protect yourself from the #1 most-deadly threat facing our grid.

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 retails for $3,997.00 and the upgrade adds another $1,497 bringing the total value to $5,494.00.

And just so you can breathe easier - The Alexapure Breeze takes away up to 99.97% of the nasty airborne toxins that you’re exposed to each and every day. With a true HEPA filter and its patented IonCluster technology, it’s the “little filter that could” keeping you safe and healthy inside your own home.

It’s valued at $247.00 when sold separately.

That’s Almost $10,000 of Our Best-Selling, Top-Rated Products All in One Place – But You Won’t Pay Close to That

So let me ask you this.

If the Patriot Platinum Survival Package only kept your family fed during a crisis, would it be worth $10,000 to you?

If the Patriot Platinum Survival Package only kept you and your family out of the emergency room with a waterborne illness from drinking contaminated water, would it be worth $10,000?

What about an energy emergency – where you kept lights on and your devices charged ready to call your loved ones… would that be worth the $10,000 price tag?

You bet it would.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that $10,000 price.

The Patriot Platinum Survival Package is the most complete and comprehensive survival kit on the planet… period.

It’s far over $10,000 worth of products and bonuses and well worth it when you consider that we’ve taken all the time and energy to select the EXACT components of this kit to make absolutely certain you’re covered in a crisis.

It’s 100% “done for you.”

During this special offer I want to be sure that if you’re ready for a complete, one-stop solution to your survival needs, you have every chance to get it at a price that won’t break the bank.

That’s why, for a limited time, and while supplies last I’m going to give you the ENTIRE Patriot Platinum Survival Package for just $4997 – that’s less than half what you’d pay if you purchased all the components separately. You save almost $5,000!

Now, I should really skip offering a discount on a deluxe package like this. It really “sells itself” if you know what I mean. And especially since customers have been requesting something like this non-stop… my inventory is going fast.

But folks, I have to get the word out about how to become truly self-reliant. And the best way to do it is to offer my loyal customers a perfect one-stop solution that I’d be proud to call my own.

I especially want to help Patriots who want to protect themselves and their families from whatever type of disaster may come. Just like I do.

Click The “Add to Cart” Button Below To Get The Patriot Platinum Survival Package At This Limited-Time Price

Meat & Protein Kit

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Go ahead and click the “Add To Cart” button above to take advantage of this limited time discounted offer NOW!

I’m Going to Add a Little Something to Sweeten the Pot

But I’m not done yet… I want you to be 100% certain that you have every single thing you need for an emergency, on hand and ready, before it ever happens so…

To make sure I cover ALL the bases when you decide to protect your family COMPLETELY by getting your own Patriot Platinum Survival Package today…

I’m going to take it up notch.

When you order your Patriot Platinum Survival Package today I’m going to include some fantastic bonuses.

Bonus #1 – The 4Patriots “Family Bug Out Bag” ($459 Value)

Meat & Protein Kit

Face it… you never know when, or where a crisis or emergency might strike.

This family-sized bug out bag has everything you need if an emergency strikes while you’re away from home, or if you need to LEAVE your home in a hurry.

This is not sold anywhere else – it’s totally exclusive and made just for owners of the Patriot Platinum Survival Package.

I’ve made sure to cover all your bases here by including:

  • FIVE Food4Patriots 72-hour food kits - Each of these kits comes with enough meals to provide for 72 hours and is guaranteed fresh for 25 years. If you’re away from home, or have to leave in a hurry, these kits could make all the difference.
  • FIVE Survival Spring personal water filters – Water is heavy, hard to store and easy to contaminate. Even if you have a trunk full of potable water, you never know when that supply might be compromised. The Survival Spring personal water filter goes anywhere with you and removes up to 99% of contaminants from water sources.
  • FIVE 11-in-1 multi tools – Hand them out to each member of your family so you can know they have at least some of the necessary tools they may need in an emergency. These handy tools can make the difference between being stranded or making it home.
  • Speaking of making it home, I’ve also included our incredibly popular Patriot Power Hub. This tiny pocket sized device can jumpstart your car, charge your phone or tablet and shine a bright light on your emergency. Heck, it can even start an airplane – I know because I’ve tried it! It’s a MUST have for every car in your “fleet” and tucks right inside your glove box.

All total the Family Bug-Out Pack comes with $459.00 worth of bonuses by itself… but I’m throwing them in for FREE (while our supplies last).

Bonus #2 – FREE Shipping For Your Entire Order! ($284 Value)

FREE Shipping

Due to the sheer size of this package shipping costs might seem prohibitive to some people, and I don’t want anything to stand in the way of you getting this complete survival solution.

So… I’ll pay for all your shipping AND insurance to make sure your Patriot Premium Survival Package gets to your door in one piece and in a timely manner.

Free shipping is the least I can do to help you keep your family safe.

Bonus #3 – A Personal Library Of My Favorite Self-Reliance Books And Reports ($212 Value)

Meat & Protein Kit

I’m going to add in 8 of our most popular hard copy reports on everything from water purification to growing your own food and everything in between. You’ll get:

  • Top 10 Items Sold Out After Crisis
  • The Water Survival Guide
  • The Survival Garden Guide
  • How To Cut Your Grocery Bills In Half
  • Top 7 Reasons Why The Grid Will Fail
  • The Blackout Response Guide
  • The Generator Survival Checklist – and…
  • The 3 Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid

PLUS you’ll get 2 of my favorite books:

  • Survival 101: How to Bug Out and Survive the First 72 hours
  • Survive Urban Chaos


Just because you never know where you’ll be in need of a fresh source of water I’m going to toss in…

Bonus #4 – The Alexapure Go Bottle
($67 Value)

This is the only water bottle with Alexapure proprietary ionic- adsorption-micron-filter technology.

The GO bottle filters up to 99.9999% of toxins, including bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. No matter what sort of fresh water you pour in, it lets clean water out.

And it’s yours free when you order the Patriot Platinum Survival Package today.

And you’ll also get…

Bonus #5 – Solar Generator Extension Cord ($50 Value)

This 25-foot solar panel extension cord is a super helpful addition to your Patriot Power Generator 1500 and can help you take full advantage of the sun as it moves across the sky! Use your generator inside while it charges outside!

Bonus #6 – Two Decks Premium Playing Cards ($20 Value)

People sometimes laugh when I tell them we include a couple decks of cards in our survival kits… but the reason is simple and important. When a crisis or emergency occurs, our first instinct as humans is to seek out things that comfort us and help us find a sense of normalcy. Sitting down to a friendly card game not only occupies your mind and your family, it calms the mood and helps relieve the stress of the situation. Never underestimate the power of play.

Bonus #7 – 4 Liberty
Seed Vaults
($268 Value)

And last but certainly not least I’m going to throw in 4 full-size Liberty Seed Vaults. These seed vaults EACH contain over 5,340 different variety of fully non-GMO 100% heirloom seeds that can help you grow your own “victory garden” like one you might remember from your childhood.

You can save your seeds for a crisis or start planting them right away.

It’s important to keep in mind that not only is this package designed to keep you safe in an emergency, it’s also designed to help you find a way to become more independent and self-sufficient RIGHT NOW, so if a situation does come around that means you need to take action… you’re ready.

That’s over $1300.00 in additional bonuses… all included FREE when you claim your Patriot Platinum Survival Package at 50% OFF MSRP today.

But Frank, Can’t I
Go Out and Find
All This Stuff on
My Own?

You could…

But be prepared for sticker shock. If you tried to put this kind of comprehensive package together on your own from separate sources, expect to pay not just the $10,000 retail price, but even more on shipping, handling, insurance and a whole bunch of other hidden fees and upgrades.

I know you’ll be 100% happy with the Patriot Platinum Survival Package just like Phil is…

Phil Philis
February 20 at 4:17pm ·

I got the Platinum Package so I pretty much got everything… a source of power, enough food to last me, and a water purification system. I live on a lake so I can get some of that water that I wouldn’t drink unless it was boiled or purified in some other method, but now I've got that taken care of, too. So, it looked like a good time to go ahead and get myself provisioned with enough food to get by for an extended period of time if something went wrong.

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The rave reviews just keep on coming and we love them!

Click the "Add To Cart" button below now, and I'll rush your Patriot Platinum Survival Package to your front door right away!

Plus, as you should know by now, when you order this amazing package from me today, I’ll even shoulder all the risk.

You Are 100% Protected by My Outrageous 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Not only will I throw in the free shipping and insurance, just like every other product in our warehouse, the entire Patriot Platinum Survival Package is covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not completely satisfied with any part of this package, I’ll make it right or refund your money 100%.

That’s the least I can do to make sure you and your family are safe and sound.

Now, all you have to do now is…

Click the “Add To Cart” Button Below to Get the Patriot Platinum Survival Package at This Special Price

Meat & Protein Kit

Order Online Any Time
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

Nolan Sweeney
January 28 at 3:46pm ·

With the Platinum Package, I can survive by myself for a period of time without having the government or anyone else give me anything. I won’t have to go to a FEMA camp. I won’t have to rely on our federal government… that I think has created most of the problems. We all need to set out to be the rugged individualist that our country was built on.

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This Is Your Complete “Disaster Insurance” Policy… All in One Place

Just imagine for a moment how you’ll feel knowing your family is TOTALLY protected from an emergency.

You can flip on the news and regardless of what comes on the screen you’ll know for a fact you’ve got the supplies on hand to take on anything…

A catastrophic weather event…

A collapse of our electric grid or attack on our infrastructure…

A disruption of the supply chain…

A time of unrest, looting or rioting…

With the Patriot Platinum Survival Package You Won’t Have to Worry About What Might Happen… You’re Covered

I want to urge you to take action today and get your hands on this amazing comprehensive survival package.

The reality is…

You never know when something is going to happen.

From a dead battery on a dark dusty road to a freak accident at the power plant, our modern lives are bombarded by threats both known and unknown.

There are only so many things that are actually IN your control, but having the necessary tools on hand to survive a crisis is one of those things.

Waiting “until something happens” is a recipe for disaster for your family.

By then… it could be too late.

This deal could go away at any time – keeping all the components on hand for full packages like this one is a daunting task and when our inventory runs low, I’ll have to take this offer off the market and restock.

Place your order today to make sure you get the entire Patriot Platinum Survival Package and all the bonuses shipped right to your door!

Click the button below now to claim yours!


Meat & Protein Kit

Order Online Any Time
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

Tim Jenkins
March 5 at 8:26am ·

I live outside of Atlanta. If there's even a report of snowfall, there's no groceries in the stores here. This product allows me to know that we're at least safe for a while and have products available for us right in our own house.

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DeWitt Chanders
February 21 at 9:02pm ·

Well the platinum package has all kinds of good things to it. I've checked the solar power generator, and it keeps our TV on for over 4 hours without being charged. I like the Platinum Package and you know… if something does happen we're prepared for it.

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Guarantee #1

100% Guarantee:

This is a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Patriot Platinum Survival Package Kit, just return it within 365 days of purchase and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. You can have your money back for any reason, or no reason whatsoever, so there’s absolutely no risk for you. You literally can’t lose!

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