Why THIS May Be More Valuable Than Gold in a Crisis...

Dear Patriot,

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess something about you right now.

I bet you’re a fantastic planner, ready for anything and everything that might come your way.

You may even have a supply stockpile: backup staples like food, candles, batteries, and a clean source of water.

Coffee bags

But I can also predict that you’re missing one vital thing that’s far more important than you might think at first glance, and that’s…


Let me tell you why.

For one thing, you’re certainly not the only one who loves a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to get them going.

Me? I’m one of those people who would rather you didn’t even LOOK in my direction before I hit the coffee pot.

And I’m not alone.

There are approximately 150 million other folks who line up at Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts each day like soldiers to get their morning fix.

Not to mention… the 2 p.m. “pick me up” to get through the afternoon! My local coffee joint has got a line wrapped around it all day long!

But here’s the thing… if a food shortage or natural disaster does occur, coffee might just save your life, especially if you’re the only one who has any. 

Because in a crisis, you can bet your hind end that coffee will fly off the shelves as fast or faster than any other stockpile supply.

And I guarantee that it’ll be gone in well under 72 hours.

Drinking a Cup of Coffee Might Very Well Be the Thing That Keeps You Safe (And Sane) in a Crisis

Coffee bags

And even if getting that little boost wasn’t enough…

There are a ton of health benefits to drinking coffee regularly, but there are some other not so commonly known benefits to having coffee on hand too, like:

It’s crystal clear: You absolutely MUST have a supply of coffee in your survival stockpile. 

And going to Costco just isn’t going to cut it. It goes bad faster than you might think! You need a supply of coffee that’s guaranteed to stand up to the test of time, and taste great from the first cup to the last. 

Trust me, you don’t want to be caught in a situation where the grocery stores are all shuttered and you don’t have a clue when things might return to “normal.”

That’s why I’ve put together the Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit…

Guaranteed Shelf Life of 25 Years, and Delicious From the First Taste to the Last Drop...

Your survival coffee kit comes with some of the best coffee on the planet…

It’s 100% pure Colombian coffee, 100% Non-GMO and 100% Arabica, straight from the tree to the roaster, to the freeze dryer, and into your cup. (Compare that to a $5.00 latte from your local Starbucks!)

Plus… it tastes GREAT! Our super fast processing keeps this coffee incredibly fresh and robust… and we’ll guarantee it for the next 25 full years. 

And, I’m 100% sure you’re going to LOVE it.

What if coffee’s just not for you?

Hey Frank… I’m NOT a Coffee Drinker. What’s in It for Me?

Well, ain’t that something.

Alright, maybe you are one of the few people in the world who don’t wake up every single morning craving (or demanding!) a fresh cuppa Joe.

That may put you in the very best position of all…


If you find yourself in a crisis situation, coffee is one of the best possible things to be in possession of, to use for barter or trade for other necessities that you may not have access to.

Even if you’re not going to drink it yourself, people will line up outside your door like you’ve become their personal barista… because so many people just can’t function without their daily dose. 

So, you might be thinking, “well Frank, can’t I just use cash?”

Sure… you could… theoretically.

But relying solely on cash could land you and your family in hot water. 

A crisis situation can play out a lot like a no-limit game of Texas Hold ‘Em (that’s poker to me and you), and winning can mean the difference between life and death.

The stakes are high.

You might not want to show your whole hand, and keeping a poker face is instrumental to your survival.

If you have cash on hand, do you really want others to know you do?

Plus, if things get bad enough for banks to shut down, your money may not be worth the paper it’s printed on…

But you can run the table if you have a good stockpile of coffee on hand. 

It’s the difference between holding two pairs of aces… or a pair of twos.

And in contrast to cash, if you’re bartering coffee you have the upper hand, and you get to decide “how much” it’s worth in exchange.

You just might be surprised at how much value others will place on it.

And that, friends, is how you turn a cup of coffee into a pot of gold.

So… what’s in the box? Happy to tell you:

Here's Exactly What You'll Get When You Get Your Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit

Rated for 25-Years But Tastes “Fresh Roasted,” Like It Was Ground By a Barista Just Seconds Ago

So imagine this for me…

You’re hunkered in a bunker, waiting out a crisis.

There’s a lot of people in there. Anxious, tired, wired… with guns and ammo at their disposal.

And some of ‘em with itchy trigger fingers.

Tensions are high and the mood is gloomy.

But then, you put on some water and whip out a packet of coffee…

The minute the water hits the coffee and the aroma starts to drift around the room, the mood begins to lighten… and the whole situation takes on a much more normal tone.

That, fellow patriots, is the power of Survival Coffee.

Remember: It’s been proven that even the SMELL of fresh coffee can boost spirits and elevate moods.

I sure wouldn’t want to be in that situation and NOT have any coffee… would you?

So I’m sure you’re wondering about right now…

Alright, Frank… How Much?

Coffee bags

By now, you can see how valuable coffee can be especially to…

How much is that peace of mind really worth to you and your family?

But good news: I’ve got a great supplier who I can deal with directly to get these kits WAY down in price compared to what you’d pay at some retail establishment where their canned coffee will waste away in mere months.

So, as long as I can keep them in stock (which will be a lot shorter than you might think…) you can get your hands on the complete Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit for my special price of just $97.00

That’s a full 600 servings, coming to a paltry $.16 per cup. 

And like I said earlier, this isn’t some cut rate bargain coffee either…

It’s 100% pure Colombian coffee, 100% Non-GMO and 100% Arabica… the best on the planet.

Now, under normal circumstances I’d price that much coffee at about $147, but times are tough, and food prices continue to soar so I’m offering this complete package at just $97.00 

A real bargain when you think about it and all the benefits that a great cup of coffee brings ya.

But let me be real clear, this is a limited time offer and I suspect these kits are going to be gone in a heartbeat.

Don’t miss out, get your Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit right now at this special price while you can.

Click the big “Add To Cart” button right here and I’ll get your Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit rushed to you!

And to make this the easiest decision you’ve made today by far...

You Are 100% Protected By My Outrageous Double Guarantee

Guarantee #1

Guarantee #1:

This is a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit, just return it within 365 days of purchase and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase. If you try it and decide it’s not as delicious and nutritious as I promised, you can have your money back.

Guarantee #2

Guarantee #2:

This is an unheard of 300% money back guarantee. It’s in addition to guarantee #1. If you open any of your Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit items anytime in the next 25 years and find that your coffee has spoiled, you can return your entire Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit and I will triple your money back!

Here’s What Other Patriots Just Like You Are Saying About the Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit

Catherine Princess
July 7 at 2:27pm ·

I usually make a "home latte" in the morning: heat the milk in the microwave and stir in the instant coffee. Then maybe another cup later, maybe not. I've got my stash of freeze-dried coffee from My Patriot Supply, and find that not only does it have a great flavor, it actually takes less than it says on the package to make a cup. An excellent product for the price!

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Toney Speigel
October 3 at 2:11pm ·

Frank I just got your survival coffee this morning and tried a cup it is great. So great I had a second cup. This will be a great addition to my survival food.

Like · Comment · Share
Susan St. Jacques
June 20 at 9:22am ·

I got a trial pack of Patriot coffee and Tried the pack when I was out of regular coffee during the holidays and it was great. Made it by the pot ull and served it to others visiting and they had know idea it was instant. One of them actually said it was the best cup of Joe they had had and wanted to know the brand. I just said a specialty brand at the time but since then gave up the truth. I will buy more for my stock up and daily use when drip is not available. It really was better tasting then the name brands from the food store. Thanks.

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You Can Place Your Order in Just a Minute, But Consider This First...

One last thing…

Imagine you wake up one morning flip on the coffee pot, and the television… and the scene is utter chaos and tragedy.

Before your coffee even has time to brew, you know something terrible has happened, and you don’t even know what yet.

Through the smoke and the crowds on television you see battered reporters trying to make sense of the mobs that have taken to the streets… violent gangs that are starting to loot stores in your hometown.

You don’t know the scale of the event, and you don’t know when… or if… it will end.

Your family, scared out of their wits, comes into the room with you and looks to you for guidance…

What will you tell them?

Now, like I said before, you’re one of the few smart ones out there, who plans for the future, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

But you may not have that one single “game changer” that could make all the difference in a time of uncertainty…

And that, fellow patriots, is this coffee. 

Click the “Add to Cart” button below now, and get yours on the truck and out the door NOW, not later.

I have no idea just how long I’ll be able to hold the price at this ridiculously low rate, if the demand spikes or my supplier runs out… that’s it.

So claim your Survival Coffee Kit NOW by clicking “Add to Cart,” and have true peace of mind your loved ones will be well taken care of…

No matter what happens in the future.

Don Castle
August 28 at 11:19am ·

This is truly unbelievable coffee! It's far superior to ANY dried or instant coffee product that I have tried, and my wife wholeheartedly agrees. This coffee is so good that it can easily become an everyday coffee. Smooth robust flavor and absolutely no bitter aftertaste. It mixes very well with packaged sweetners and creamers. The included first class storage container plus the incredible shelf life makes this product a great value!

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Julie Hanover
July 1 at 7:42pm ·

This coffee is better to me than the store bought instant coffee. I am drinking it now and it's great. I love it to have on hand for emergencies and take it camping. May have to use it for barter if the power grid goes down due to hackers, you never know. People are not thinking of stocking up on their morning coffee until it's too late.

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