Patriot Platinum Survival Package - $4997

Save almost 50% off MSRP on all-in-one protection, with over $1,500 in bonuses and gifts FREE, including all shipping!
RISK-FREE - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Patriot Platinum Survival Package Includes:
  • 1-Year Food Supply – 1800 Servings $3015
  • Fruit, Veggie & Snack Mix – 114 Servings $147
  • Meat & Protein Kit – 80 Servings $197
  • Survival Coffee Kit – 600 Servings $147
  • Breakfast Kit – 138 Servings $147
  • Patriot Power Generator $3997
  • Patriot Power Generator Platinum Upgrade $1497
  • Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System $297
  • Alexapure Breeze Air Purifier $247
  • Your FREE Bonuses
  • Total Value $9,691
  • Only $4997!
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Bill Doctorow
February 3 at 7:56am ·

This Platinum Package is awesome! I got it because I needed the Alexapure Pro and Alexapure Breeze in addition to my generator and food. So I thought well, I’m just going to ahead and get the whole thing. And I just love it. It’s awesome.

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Nolan Sweeney
January 28 at 3:46pm ·

With the Platinum Package, I can survive by myself for a period of time without having the government or anyone else give me anything. I won’t have to go to a FEMA camp. I won’t have to rely on our federal government… that I think has created most of the problems. We all need to set out to be the rugged individualist that our country was built on.

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365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee: This is a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Patriot Platinum Survival Package, just return it within 365 days of purchase and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which meals are included in the kit?

The Food4Patriots 1-Year Kit, plus the Fruit, Veggie & Snack kit, plus the Meat & Protein Kit, plus the deluxe Coffee Kit, plus the Breakfast Kit—altogether 2,732 servings, includes:

  • Franklin's Finest Coffee Mix (600)
  • Maple Grove Oatmeal (240)
  • Settler's Whey Powdered Milk (224)
  • Chocolate Pudding (130)
  • Heartland's Best Mashed Potatoes (128)
  • Orange Energy Drink Mix (144)
  • Buttermilk Pancake Mix (114)
  • Country Cottage Mac & Cheese (96)
  • Southwest Savory Rice (96)
  • Granny's Home Style Potato Soup (96)
  • Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice (80)
  • Instant White Rice (80)
  • Pioneer's Chili Mac (64)
  • Sweetly Coated Banana Chips (72)
  • Traditional Fettuccine Alfredo (64)
  • Traveler's Stew (64)
  • Creamy Stroganoff (48)
  • Potatoes O'Brien (48)
  • Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat (48)
  • Cheesy Broccoli & Rice Soup (32)
  • Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup (32)
  • Rancher's Black Bean & Rice Soup (32)
  • Freeze-Dried Corn (24)
  • Freeze-Dried Green Beans (24)
  • Scrambled Egg Mix (24)
  • Black Beans (20)
  • Pinto Beans (20)
  • Freeze-Dried Broccoli (16)
  • Freeze-Dried Strawberries (16)
  • Red Beans (16)
  • Freeze-Dried Beef Chunks (12)
  • Freeze-Dried Chicken Chunks (12)
  • Freeze-Dried Blueberries (8)
  • Freeze-Dried Pineapple (8)

Q: Any chemicals used in the drying process?

No. If it's not in the ingredient list, it's not in there.

Q: How long with this food last?

All of the items in the Patriot Platinum Survival Package are guaranteed to last 25 years with one exception. The scrambled eggs are guaranteed for 10 years on the shelf. That’s extremely rare since eggs are quite difficult to preserve long term. And it’s one of the highest rated guaranteed shelf life of any egg product on the market today.

Q: What is the Patriot Power Generator 1500?

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is a portable solar generator that will provide electricity to a variety of critical devices and equipment in the event of a power outage. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 contains a lithium-iron phosphate battery that is rated for 2,000+ life cycles and holds a charge for up to 12 months with a minimum charge retention of 80%. (We recommend that you charge it every six months for optimal performance). It is much quieter than a gas/diesel generator and has no emissions. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is portable and small enough to take virtually anywhere.

Q: How long will my Patriot Power Generator keep me protected?

The generator will last for 2,000+ life cycles and will retain its charge for up to 12 months with a minimum charge retention of 80%. We recommend you charge the unit every six months for optimum performance.

Q: What can I run on My Patriot Power Generator?

The Patriot Power Generator has a unique Sine Inverter that powers two 120-Volt AC outlets, four USB outlets, one 12-Volt DC cigarette lighter outlet and one 12-Volt DC Anderson outlet. Here are some examples of what you can run using these outlets:

  • Power your 5-cubic-foot freezer indefinitely, so you can have a long-lasting supply of food that’s safe to eat. Not to mention, use it to power your slow cooker, toaster oven or even your coffee maker.
  • Power enough lights for safety and comfort.
  • Recharge your cell phones, computers, tablets or radios so you can communicate with friends and family and stay informed.
  • Power critical home medical devices, such as portable oxygen equipment, infusion pumps, CPAP machines, mobility devices or monitoring equipment.
  • Power an electric blanket so you stay warm at night.
  • And so much more!

Q: What is Alexapure Pro?

Alexapure Pro™ is a tabletop stainless steel water filtration system that purifies water from virtually any water source into clean, safe, healthy drinking water.

Q: What does Alexapure Pro filter?

The Alexapure Pro removes up to 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, toxic chemicals, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals, so that you can purify water from virtually any source into clean, safe, delicious drinking water. It even works great on removing fluoride! Click here for the complete lab tests.

Q: How long will my Alexapure Pro last?

The Alexapure Pro™ filter lasts for up to 5,000 gallons (by comparison a Brita pitcher, lasts for only 40 gallons and doesn’t filter anywhere near the same amount of contaminants). That’s 125 times more water from Alexapure Pro™ than from Brita. Since the average family of four can use up to five gallons of water per day, that means that Alexapure Pro™ could last for up to 1,000 days.

Q: What is the Alexapure Breeze?

The Alexapure Breeze is a compact, freestanding air-filtration unit, contained within an attractively designed plastic casing. With the unprecedented air-filtration power of its patented 4-Stage, IonCluster Carbon HEPA Multi-Filter technology, it removes up to 99.97% of airborne contaminants like dust and dander while reducing odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and dangerous microscopic organisms that can compromise your health. It weighs only 11.5 pounds and can filter the air in an entire room – up to 800 square feet of indoor space.

Q: How long will my Alexapure Breeze last?

The Alexapure Breeze pre-filter is washable and reusable. The replaceable HEPA and carbon-activated filters last between nine months to one year with proper maintenance and when used in areas with typical air quality. Additional replacement filters will ensure “continuous pure air protection” if replaced as recommended.

Q: How can the Alexapure Breeze support my health?

The Alexapure Breeze removes dangerous bacteria, viruses, and mold spores from the air. It also removes VOCs which have been known to cause headaches, nausea, nervous system concerns, and hormonal disturbances. Simply put, the Alexapure Breeze greatly reduces your exposure to threats that can compromise your health.

Q: Can you give me more details on how Alexapure Breeze removes impurities?

Sure. The pre-filter removes larger particles from the air such as dirt, dust, pet hair, and dander. Then, the carbon-activated second filter attacks VOCs, offending odors from smoke, sweat, pets, and chemical smells. Third, the True HEPA filter removes up to 99.97% of all airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns from the air as it passes through the filter. Lastly, the IonCluster technology models nature to attack airborne pathogens in a way inferior air filtration systems never could, eliminating them from the air you breathe.