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You need more food to feed your family if a natural disaster like Katrina or Sandy hits... if a terrorist attack prevents trucks from hauling food… or if a panicked mob loots the grocery stores... By stocking up on non-perishable food now, not only you will have your own “food insurance policy” no matter what happens, you’ll have enough to share with friends and loved ones so they can experience the same peace of mind.

2 You Can Barter Your Food In Times Of Crisis

In a time of crisis, your food will be literally more valuable than gold and you will be able to barter your extra food for whatever you need. When the crisis hits, stores will shut down, farmers won’t be able to feed their livestock, urban mobs will riot. Food will be incredibly valuable. Look at what happened in Germany after World War 1, when a pound of bread cost 3 BILLION marks!

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4 Week Kit
  • 160 Servings (5+ per day)
  • 31,920 Total Calories (1,140 per day)
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3 Month Kit
  • 536 Servings (6 per day)
  • 98,160 Total Calories (1,091 per day)
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  • FREE Survival Tool
  • FREE Seed Vault
  • 4 FREE Hard Copy Bonus Reports